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Being in a farm makes our services flexible and energetic. We encourage the mixture of mobility and activities at all levels. To change the tradition of the typical weekends we have put the food at the end while activities and sports come first. This is realized through investing in people and recreational areas in the farm. The playground and group of moderators offer a variety of experiences and food may be served for sure at the end in one of our mobile kiosks. Enjoy the snacks and drinks by self-serving yourself.
Everything must be moving, including you 😊

A vending machine is also available in the farm to serve different products according to your needs. Nevertheless, do not forget to bring your own food like in a picnic, or cook it in a barbecue.


The sports center is considered as a very important space for the farm community. The families will play together and enjoy time. We aim at a no internet community in most farm areas to allow body and mind become free from technology and enjoy human relations and nature. Volleyball, basketball, football, and many traditional games may be organized in the farm areas.



Our community garden is a 500 square meter site on the central part of the farm. There is free public access, and it is another good spot for a picnic or activities. The sloped site has a mix of raised beds with flowers, vegetables and soft fruit nestled amongst a boarder of trees. Wander up through the terraces, and you are guaranteed to find a sunny spot to watch the butterflies, birds and bees busy at work helping to pollinate the flowers. It can also serve for learning purposes and school groups