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The Farm Hub manages 9 hectares of community allotments in the area of Zhurje, Ndroq, Municipality of Tirane. It is bounded by national road from Tirana to Durres, Haxhi Malko Hill and the farmland on both sides. The farm is at the border with Durres Municipality in Romanat.

With a common theme of connecting people to food, nature and their community, the Farm views the Allotment site as an important asset for the local community, including plot holders, local residents and wildlife.

Farm Hub Allotments form part of a green lung which links the center of Tirana and Durres area creating a series of safe creature corridors, providing a home for wildlife, generating local food for plot holders and of course, presents a wonderful view for all that pass its boundaries.

Farm Hub is composed of 50 allotments. An allotment consists in a private plot of 150 square meter surrounded with fences from other neighboring plots. A road is located in the center of the allotments making the access of people and machines easier for the members. The road also serves as a walking space for the members to enjoy the nature of the farm and the products from the neighboring allotments.


Taking on a plot!

There are a variety of shaped allotments across the whole site, and they are in a variety of conditions – we offer a 1st year discount for the members. Our site is mostly flat, but still please consider fully your time commitment to an allotment plot. Experienced plot holders say that you need approximately 10 hours a week to manage an average plot.

Plot Letting

Once you are assigned an allotment, you will automatically become a member of Farm Hub Community. The community organizes a number of activities and events to better support plot holders and to make the site a great community to be a part of.

Plot checks will be carried out in April and August to identify abandoned plots and those not being adequately maintained or cultivated. These will then be re-allocated to the next people on the waiting list. Plot holders taking overgrown plots are given extra time to work towards good cultivation but are expected to maintain them within the first six months to a year.


The waiting list may be long! To join the waiting list, you must download the Application form, fill out the relevant sections and return it by email to info@farmhub.al or return it to the Farm Office on Rruga Brigada 8, Pallati Teknoprojekt, Hyrja 2, Apt.2, Tirana.

If you are helping out someone else and, in the future, might want to take over their allotment, you must ensure the Farm is notified. Only those that have been actively gardening on and ‘assigned’ to a plot for 24 months or more will be able to take over a friend/family members plot.

Application Form

Please have a realistic plan of action for the plot, including a designated volunteer co-ordinator, frequency of use, and if you have finances in place for tools and kit you may require.

If you require assistance to fill in this form, would like to see the plot or talk though the details, please send an email to info@farmhub.al ​or call us on +355682092089.

The applications will be read by the members of Farm Hub Community Council to find a group that we think will suit our unique site.


Farm Hub Plot Application

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By submitting this form, I declare that the statements made, and information given in this document are true and to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Also, by submitting this form, you are giving us you give us permission to contact you about Farm volunteering opportunities and events. To comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, Farm Hub is seeking your consent to hold your information on our database. We are required by our funders to gather information about the people who use our services. We will not share your information with third parties other than those you have agreed to. We use and store any information that you give us in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Information you provide will be anonymized before being used in monitoring and evaluation reports for our current funders, to support funding applications. Your data will be held for a maximum of 2 year after your last engagement. Further details on our data protection and information sharing policies are available from Farm Hub. If you have any queries about the data we hold, please do get in touch by calling +355682092089 or emailing us info@farmhub.al.



Plot rent

Plot rent varies between 150 euro for standard plot (150 square meter) and 250 for a plot + support package. Discounts and concessions are available however applicants need to apply to officially through the application form.

The Farm Hub is not able to offer discounts directly. Discounts are evaluated based on certain criteria listed here:

  • Need for allotment
  • Social status
  • Length of contracts
  • Number of plots